Lynnea Holland-Weiss is a painter focused on the human subject and navigating a vibrantly emotional color palette. Coming from a background in dance, her interest in body language and charting people’s movement through space and time is deeply rooted within her. Lynnea grew up in Berkeley, California and received her BFA from California College of the Arts in 2013. While primarily being based in Oakland, she has spent much time traveling around the US and internationally, as well as living in other cities such as Philadelphia, New Orleans and Cleveland. In addition to her studio practice, she paints murals and does other public projects. Lynnea's work is recognized through sources such as New American Paintings, Create Magazine, Juxtapoz, Contemporary Art Curator, The Artblog and others.


Artist Statement

I am fascinated by what we are overtly or subtly communicating with our bodies. I have always been hyperaware of people's body language and often take special notice to even the most common and seemingly insignificant interactions happening around us everyday. The way our limbs fold, where we hold weight, a crease in the brow, a round puckered lip – all say so much about our history and the human experience as a whole. These continuous observations then make their way into my paintings. Sometimes I am interested in highlighting the specificity of someone’s unique physical features, while other times I very intentionally am pushing ambiguity and androgyny within the figures. In general, I am interested in dissolving our ability to disassociate ourselves from one another. I want the work to physically evoke empathy, whether it’s a piece expressing a tender moment of connection or an internal spiral of thoughts and isolation. In recent paintings, I have been exploring ways to visualize the spirit body in relation to the physical experience. Color plays an incredibly important role in my work and my color demands your full engagement. I use bold combinations of warm and cool tones to push and pull your eye and fuel an emotional experience. All of my work deliberately remains open for interpretation and relies on the viewers to bring their own history into the paintings in order to relate to the people and create narratives.

There are many formal ways to introduce artwork in a critique, but I’m going to err on the side of casual and say up-front that I am absolutely mesmerized by Lynnea Holland-Weiss’ paintings ... Every painting tells a story; whether it is a literal narrative or, in Holland-Weiss’ case, a mood, the human mind, which is always looking for a story, will find one.
— Lauren Findlay (The ArtBlog)
...because her work is unwaveringly real and honest, she is the type of artist you yearn to follow over time. Moods and tones in her work naturally shift along with her life experience. Her work echoes paintings by art legends Nicole Eisenmen and Alice Neel, artists whom have gone against the grain to create work that is real, transparent, and human. Lynnea’s work is no exception. She fearlessly portrays the human experience.
— Hannah Wnorowski (Ground Floor Comedy)