I SEE YOU - Three-Person Exhition at Space 1026

I am pleased to announce I SEE YOU, an upcoming three-person exhibition alongside Dan Isaac Bortz and NDA at Space 1026 in Philadelphia, Pa. I SEE YOU reflects on human interactions within today’s age of virtual communication. The exhibition looks at how we observe, acknowledge and connect with each other and the objects around us on a daily basis. Sometimes the work is playful, humorous and strange, while other pieces express tender and humble moments of human connection or solitude.

I SEE YOU includes a variety of work ranging from paintings, works on paper and wood cutouts, as well as an all-immersive installation with objects, ceramics and site-specific wall painting. These three artists initially met in Philadelphia through wheatpasting and murals, a common thread in their practice. While their approaches and styles differ from one another, they all make uninhibited figurative work that embraces color and reverberates everyday scenarios.

Opening Reception: Friday, July 7th 7-10pm

1026 Arch Street Philadelphia, Pa

The exhibition will be up until July 28th, 2017. You can make an appointment by contacting myself or gallery@space1026.com. Or don’t hesitate to just stop by and ring the bell, a Space member is typically there to buzz you into the gallery.