b. 1990 California USA

Raised in Berkeley/Oakland, California

Currently live/work in Cleveland, Ohio

BFA , California College of the Arts 2013



2017          Ephemeral (Exhibition with Nicolas Holiber), Silence Is Accurate Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa (upcoming)

2015          Heavy Seat, Turpentine Gallery, Oakland, CA

2015          Here's to Looking at You (Exhibition with Dan Isaac Bortz), B2, Philadelphia, PA

2015         Unfold All Over, Space 1026, Philadelphia, PA

2013         Happy Survival, CCA Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2012         New Work, Scream, Oakland, CA

2012         Slowly, Vintage, Berkeley, CA



2017          I SEE YOU, Space 1026, Philadelphia, PA

2017          A Midnight Dream, Pop-Up Gallery by Curate UK, San Francisco, CA

2017          Muscle Memory, Athen B. Gallery, Oakland, CA

2017          Provoke, ArtVentures Gallery, Menlo Park, CA

2016          Winter Group Exhibition, Athen B. Gallery, Oakland, CA

2016          Up(Lyft), Otion Front Studio, Brooklyn, NY

2016          GIFC, Monk Space, Los Angeles, CA

2016          Our Town, Richmond Art Center, Richmond, CA

2016          Subtle Gaze, Gravity Gallery, Aspen, CO

2015          Gone Again, Subterra Gallery, Chicago, IL

2015          Soft Bargain, Good Mother Gallery, Oakland, CA

2015          Get Small 3, Turpentine Gallery, Oakland, CA

2015          Wall 2 Wall, Layer Studios, Oakland, CA

2015          A Nation Under Funk, Trichome, Seattle, WA

2015          Opalescence, East End Salon, Philadelphia, PA

2014          Get Small 2, Session Space Gallery, Oakland, CA

2013          Drape, Pop-Up Gallery (Vox Populi Building), Philadelphia, PA

2013          Get Small, Session Space Gallery, Oakland, CA

2012          Primeval Intersection, ATA Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2012          Tangled Up in My Friends, Nelson Street Gallery, Atlanta, GA

2012          Special Delivery ll, The Carbon Warehouse, Berkeley, CA

2012          Updates, Rock Paper Scissors Collective, Oakland, CA

2009          Play’s Pace, PLAYSPACE Gallery, San Francisco, CA



2017         Elixr Interior Mural, Philadelphia, PA

2016         San Leandro Utility Box Project via Athen B Gallery, San Leandro, CA

2016         Jack London District Utility Box Project via Athen B Gallery, Oakland, CA

2015         Good Peoplez Album Cover, Los Angeles, CA

2015         Big Mama's Warehouse Mural, Philadelphia, PA

2015         Waterloo Arts Festival Mural Project, Cleveland, OH

2015         The Sketchbook Project, Brooklyn, NY

2014         Elizabeth Hubbell Studio Mural, Berkeley, CA

2014         Private Mural Commission, Corrales, NM

2013         Venturi Mural, São Paulo, Brazil

2013         Zoetic Walls Project, Cleveland, OH

2013         Public West Oakland House Mural, Oakland, CA

2013         Private Garden Mural Commission, Richmond, CA

2013         Pen Road Mural, Santa Fe, NM



2016         Ground Floor Residency, New York, NY

2010         Holualoa Foundation for Arts & Culture Residency, Holualoa, HI



2010-13    Sheila Sullivan Memorial Award, San Francisco, CA

2008-13    California College of the Arts Creative Achievement Award, Oakland, CA

2008-13    Honors Program at California College of the Arts, Oakland, CA



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2016         Fresh Paint Magazine, Issue 14

2016         Studio Visit Magazine, Volume 33

2015         Fodder Press: "Moments" Book

2015         Teros Magazine, Issue 11



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